Experience Keramisto 2014! | 20 and 21 September

Milsbeek 20 and 21 september 10.00-18.00
27th International ceramic event

Be inspired by the international ceramics event Keramisto 2014!
From experienced professional to starting lover: you will be attracted by this charming event. You will enjoy the work of 100 critically selected ceramists from all over Europe. They show their latest work, and will introduce you to the latest techniques and trends.

Keramisto offers over 25 years a superb selection of ceramics in all its forms. In short, an event with international allure!
Superb Location
Keramisto takes place in Milsbeek North - Limburg. Surrounded by greenery, you can enjoy the unique works and an attractive program.
The beautiful surroundings of the site and Milsbeek invites to stay longer: make your visit to Keramisto a relaxing weekend and indulge yourself with a piece of original Limburg pie.



Come too! More than 10.000 visitors attend this annual event in Milsbeek. You will return home with a head full of ideas!


Attention !
The N271 will be closed for a few hours on Saturday between Molenhoek and Mook.
Visitors for Keramisto coming from the north on the A73 will be diverted via Gennep.